Time was when WHVW was a daytimer. But in the early '80's, the FCC began to look into such assignments with an eye twoards extending operating hours even if it meant operation at power levels below the normal minimums. Many daytimers, including WHVW got full-time operation from this ruling.

Lance Micklus at the board in the old, old, studios at Broadcast House in Hyde Park, (Route 9-G) in 1965.

At the Dutchess County Fair, ca. mid '80's. In these photos, you see the late (and lamented) booth at the fair. We shared the booth with WSPK and WCKL, all three stations contributed equipment and expertise to make a fully operational (but temporary) studio. It was great fun, but the DC Fair administration decided to eliminate the booth in 1993. I was sorry to see it go.

Two photographs from a 1997 Poughkeepsie Journal feature article on WHVW. Photo taken during the "Pirate Joe Country Music Radio Show And Old Blues and R&B Extravaganzo"

Nanette at the studio, 22 June 2001.

Can you believe it? WHVW once had conservative programming! Not anymore, sonny boy! Here's "Uncle Len" in his right-wing talk show days, (1987).

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