Do The Democrats Know It From A Hole In The Ground?
15 December, 2009
©Pirate Joe

    Are the Democrats just a bunch of jerks running aimlessly about like the proverbial headless chicken? (cue the drumroll...) Yes.
    I find myself in a state of permanent astonishment at their bumbling, disconcerted, ineffectual and pathetic lack of even the most basic strategic principles. The Republicans demolish them every time. Nay, every single time. It’s one thing to get hit by a freight train, but to stand there in the middle of the track, watch it coming for 10 minutes and still get hit? That’s as dumb as it gets, the sub-basement of intelligence, the flat-line realm of brain activity.
    Not so for the Republicans. They analyse their opponents, their ideas and philosophies. They plan in advance. Far in advance. They label and pidgin-hole their enemies, and never deviate from the propaganda line. They have set up a propaganda network (Rush L., etc,) that Stalin and Hitler would envy. The Democrats?....none of the above.
    Republican propaganda is brilliant. How else can you explain millions of out-of-work  Americans on the verge of foreclosure, ardently rallying for unregulated free market capitalism. How else can you explain Americans with no health care, lined up at clinics explaining to reporters that they don’t want the right to health care because “that would be socialism”. Machiavelli is smiling in his grave, because he knows that here are some folks who “got it”. It’s so simple and effective: vilify a concept (in this case socialism). When a programme comes along that you don’t like, simply label it as “socialism”. Since you have already indoctrinated the public to believe socialism = bad, you don’t need to waste time debating and explaining the programme itself (or) tread the always risky ground of trying to persuade folks to back a concept that is against their own interests.  
    Don’t knock it, for it works every time.
    President Obama, so effective and engaging as a campaigner, has refused to use those talents now that he is in office, indeed, he has demonstrated that he is just as easily blindsided by Republicans as anyone else. That is, when he’s not busy surging, reading the Michael Dukakis Political Handbook or going back on his word.
    Take the health care debacle. Am I the only one who knew what the Republicans would do? Come on..... Could Obama not have known that they would fight to the finish on this? Did he not know that they would use all their boogy-words, such as “socialism” “big government” and “end of America”? Did he not see that they would exploit any opportunity (such as the useful idiots of the Tea Parities) to defeat this idea? Did he not see that the Republicans have Rush, Glenn, Sean, Michael and etc. and he has.....squat? Did he also not see that he came into this thing with an overwhelming majority in favour of health care reform, and that success was his for the taking?
    I suppose not, for the Democrats came out of the gate compromising before the fight began, (remember how they dropped single-payer before the Republicans ever demanded it?) and kept on compromising until we got what we have now: a huge gift to Big Insurance handed to them on a golden platter by their butler-in-chief, Joe Lieberman. Yes, Joe Lieberman,  perhaps our country’s  most reprehensible traitor since Benedict Arnold. What huge industry is it that has tons of corporate HQ’s in Hartford?
    But let’s get back to strategy. The Republicans have the Democrats down on the count (as usual). Brilliant Republican strategy turned the majority from pro health care reform to against it. As usual, Democrats didn’t see it coming. What can these poor, inept, deer-in-the-headlights buffoons do to regain control of the situation (and win next year’s elections) as Rush Limbaugh counts “9” and has “10” (and a great, big smile) on his lips?
    I’ll tell you.
First: Kick Joe Lieberman in the ass. Hard, so hard in fact that he lands on the Republican side of the aisle, where he belongs. Most likely they won’t let him stay there, after all, they won’t tolerate an untrustworthy Judas. (Do the Democrats have any idea how idiotic they look being pushed around by this slime-bag hack of a politician? He did, after all, endorse McCain.)
Second: Reshape the bill into what it should be (and, incidentally, what the public wanted) i.e. single-payer or strong public option, no dropping coverage, no pre-existing condition exclusion and tight regulation of rates among other things.
Third: Let the Republicans shoot it down. This way the Democrats get to play up the fact that they did their jobs and kept their promises but the Party Of No was responsible for killing the bill that would have helped Americans. Let the medical insurance industry go back to business as usual. The Tea-Baggers have proven that the American public has not quite suffered enough at the hands of Corporate America. Let their premiums double, and double again, and in a year or two they just might get it.
    The Democrats could then, in all honesty, state that they put together the bill that would have solved the problem, but the Republicans wouldn’t let it happen. They could then hold up the roll call as proof. Checkmate for the Republicans in 2010 and 2012 . The Democrats could even regain the momentum to come back and do it right. Now, the Republicans can say “They had their chance, they’ve proven they’re incapable and unqualified. Vote for us”
    Believe me, if the parties were reversed, that’s the strategy that the Republicans would use.
    Sadly, no one can lose a winning hand as well as a Democrat. They’re just too dumb to get it. Right now they would pass any bill that was labelled “Health Care Reform”, even if all it did was build a railroad on Mars. That might work for them, but it won’t work for the voters.
    The current bill is a pathetic joke: on us. It’s a big-time give-away to Big Insurance that would leave us obligated, that is legally bound at the risk of breaking the law to buy coverage from these rapacious monsters. When it finally comes into effect (and does far more harm than good) the Republicans will deftly label it “socialised medicine” and say: “See? we told you that socialised medicine is bad; elect us and we’ll restore free enterprise to medicine”. The public will come to believe that for profit, survival of the wealthiest  health care is the only way to go, and thousands of Big Insurance C.E.O.’s will be shopping for 75-meter private ocean going yachts on the profits they made from our heart attacks.
    So far, Barack Obama has done a superb job of double-crossing the left. I suppose it will come as a big shock to him when we all have more important things to do on Election Day 2012 than vote for him.
    The Democrats have become a failure as a political party. We have the Republicans ably representing the Corporate Ruling Class, the Democrats in la-la land, (they need to fade away) and no one to represent us. The re-constituted Whig Party? Hey, let’s move on and check it out. You remember that old definition of “stupidity”.......