3 JUNE, 2009

Getting your P.S.A. (public service annoncement) on WHVW is quite easy, actually. Just get a large index card and place your text on one side. Remember to type it (or make sure that it is printed quite legibly) since we obviously need to be able to read it. Place the stop date, i.e. the date at which the announcement is no longer useful, in the upper right hand corner. On the other side, address it to:

WHVW radio

316 Main Street, Suite 5

Poughkeepsie, New York,


Why do we do it this way? Frankly, to avoid a mess, and make sure announcements get on the air. Folks like to send in P.S.A.'s any old way: faxes, (this was lots of fun in the days of thermal fax paper) e-mails, tri-folded mailings and flyers. These ended up on a clip board, with no way to rotate announcements save uncliping them all and placing the read one on the bottom. This was a recipie for disaster and a pain where you don't need a pain. Announcers tended to avoid them entirely. So I came up with the large index card idea: a little card box in the studio, pick one off the top, read it, and place it on the bottom. Easy, no mess and announcements get read.

now for a few rules:

1. Announcements may not contain material of a commercial nature, i.e. announcements for business ventures, etc.

2. Announcements may not be for events, etc, that are the subject of paid advertising in any other venue.

3.  Events, etc. do not necessarily have to be run by non-profit organisations, but (for example) could be for: the arts, charitable purposes, community betterment, church dinners, clubs and etc.
4. Fund raisers are O.K. so long as they fit into the general guidelines above.
5. Announcements MUST be on large index cards.
6. Announcements MUST be legible.