Gidhafi Wins
It's Just About Over
©14 March, 2011, Pirate Joe.

    It was a beautiful dream...yet another brutal dictator swept away by the tide of freedom in the Middle East. But this one looks like it is not meant to be. Muammar Gidhafi has unleashed a juggernaut onslaught on the revolutionaries and the tide has turned. The revolutionaries, vallient as they are, are no match for Gidhafi's air force. If ever there was a dictator who didn't care how much blood was spilled, that dictator is Muammar Gidhafi. He will retain power; and if you think you have seen a blood bath now, just wait.
    It didn't have to be that way. With a little help, the revolutionaries could have swept this vile pig from power. With a little help, the Libyan people could have been on their way to determining their own course. With a little help.....
    But genocide doesn't sway our government. Genocide doesn't sway Bill Clinton clone Obama (remember Bosnia?) to intervene on behalf of the freedom fighters. What do we stand for? What do we care about? Do we have a national soul? Do the terms freedom and self-determination mean anything at all to our leaders? The people of Libya are fighting for freedom, democracy, free elections, self-determination and an end to dictatorship. Obama says Gidhafi "must go" knowing full well that he will do nothing to help the freedom fighters and that any response will come after Gidhafi' s re-assertion of power is a fait accompli. Gee, we wanted to help, but it just took too long... oh, well.
    One could make the argument that despite the fact that we have had an ever widening network of instant communications since the telegraph (1837), that diplomacy still seems to take almost as long as when you had to put your diplomatic communications on a windjammer and wait a year for a reply. The telegraph, telephone, radio, international short wave radio, modern newspapers, satellite communications, cell phones and the Internet have all, over the decades, put the people ever further ahead of governments when it comes to reacting to urgent situations. You can't mull it over anymore: even if you do nothing it is seen as a reaction and a declaration of your position. Obama has decided that despite the bloodshed, despite Pan AM flight 103, despite genocide: Muammar Gidhafi should stay on.
    And so he will. The nightmares unfolding in Japan will provide ample cover in the news. Muammar Gidhafi will be the one who breaks the winning streak of the revolutionaries in the Middle East and kings, dictators and despots will rejoice. (note what side Saudi Arabia is taking in another Middle East revolution).
    The best solution is to go after Gidhafi himself- we can do that with our Predator jets and let the Libyan people take it from there. The no-fly zone, while not the best alternative is better than nothing but time is running out, perhaps has already run out. Obama will do nothing ( I hope I'm wrong, but I know I'm not) and in so doing stand with the dictators. Moral bankruptcy seems like too weak a term. A hard rain is truly "a-gonna fall".